Roof Cleaning Carlingford

Roof cleaning can have at times just as much effect as a roof restoration. A clean roof will not only give a fresh look to your house but can also improve the value of your property.

With our extensive experience gained from cleaning hundreds of roofs in Carlingford over the past ten years, we have mastered the art of cleaning roof tiles, gutters and down pipes to ensure your roof looks as good as new! A&A Advanced Roofing use renowned top quality products and the latest of technology to ensure your roof gets the makeover it needs.

Our roof cleaning Carlingford services will not only improve the aesthetics of your house with a fresh and new look but also play a crucial role in identifying any existing or potential damages with your roof. During a roof cleaning service, our expert team can also easily identify any existing cracks or loosened tiles and advice you accordingly, thus making it possible to prevent possible expensive repairs.

Roof cleaning services are also proved to prevent the problems created by bacterial and fungal infestations, which will be removed during the process. It is just as important to clean your roof as it is to conduct any re-bedding and re-pointing where necessary.

Roof Repairing Services Carlingford

A&A Advanced Roofing offers expert and affordable roof repairing services in Carlingford that will help you enjoy the comfort and safety of your house even during the most rough weather conditions.

Most houses and building require a roof repair at some point and is very important to have the right team looking into your roof problem as the fix needs to be made in most cases fast and proper to avoid further complications. There are several different reasons why a roof will require repairing but the most common ones are determined by strong winds and storms. Once damaged, the roof should be repaired as soon as possible as any delay might cause damages to the interior of your house and walls, which will require additional and maybe more expensive repairing.

If you notice your roof is not functioning as it should be, you can call our roof repair experts to come to your help. Our professional team can identify and fix any problems you might encounter with the roof of your house or building. Our roof repairing services Carlingford are prompt, efficient and fitting your budget.

The roof repairing services we provide also include roof re-bedding and roof re-pointing.

Carlingford Roof Re-bedding

Our Carlingford roof re-bedding services will fix any problems your roof has with loose or broken tiles. Re-bedding involves applying a cement mortar to strengthen the hold of the mortar on the roofs tiles to prevent them from becoming loose, displaced or broken.

If the bedding is not maintained on a regular basis then roof tiles may crack, loosen or completely fall off leaving your tiles and roof weakened and unsecured, not able to protect your house from the outside conditions, and moreover can be a hazard to those living under your roof.

Carlingford Roof Re-pointing

A&A Advanced Roofing’s Carlingford roof re-pointing services will help secure and strengthen the quality of your roof which will increase its life spam and prevent any damages from occurring during this time. Re-pointing can be completed after the roof has been bedded, and it provides another layer on top of the mortar, which increases the strong hold of the tiles and ensures a more secure roof.

If the roof pointing has deteriorated, wet weather will be able to pierce through and cause the roof to leak, which will lead to damages to the interior of your house.

Roof Restoration Services Carlingford

Roof restoration Carlingford is one of our roof restoration services that help restore an old, damaged roof to its former glory. A&A Advanced Roofing has a team of certified roofing specialists that have a vast expertise in renovating and restoring roofs.
Our experts can identify which areas of your roof need attention, replace missing tiles and plan for a restoration process that would match your needs and your budget. Our knowledge and experience makes it possible for us to provide different solutions tailored to your project.

Roof restoration Carlingford services focus on fixing or replacing only the areas of your roof that need repairing, and therefore avoid the need for a full repair, and save you time and money. Whatever type of roof you have, being domestic or commercial, we have the experience and equipment to properly restore areas of your roof that need fixing or replacing and avoid any emergencies from taking place or the need of a big repairing.

Commercial Roof Restoration Carlingford

Commercial roof restoration is a specialized service that requires extensive knowledge and experience and should only be conducted by expert commercial roofers. If not done properly, that can lead to premature wear and tear and different other problems that can involve expensive fixes.

Our professional team has considerable experience in commercial roofing and can help with any type of repair and restoration, with different roofing types and materials.

Roof Painting Carlingford

Roof painting Carlingfordservices will not only improve the aesthetics of your house by making your roof look clean and new, but also provides a protective layer that helps defending it against rain, hail or strong sun. This protective layer helps sustain the quality of the roof and ensure it is long lasting in spite of constant exposure to strong winds, rain and sun that are met in Carlingford area.

In recent years, impressive developments have been made regarding paints, which are designed to resist to severe weather conditions and protect your roof, regardless of the materials used for your roof – wood, tiling, slate or other type. Depending on where your home is located, you can find the perfect paint that would suit the specific conditions in your area.

A painting job done properly should last for a few years before a new coat of paint will need to be applied. This makes roof painting a fast, cost-efficient and safe way to protect your roof and thus your home and everything inside it safe, even under harsh weather conditions.

Domestic & Commercial Roof Painting Carlingford

A&A Advanced Roofing is specialised in re-colouring roofs, whether they are domestic or commercial roofs. We provide our professional services in the Carlingford area for really affordable prices.

The service is conducted by our team of accredited, licensed and eager tradesmen, using the latest products that will guarantee a roof resisting the effects of wear over a long period. With a vast knowledge and experience, our specialists can paint any roof, and find solutions that would best suit your needs and your budget.

Another great thing about roof painting is that you are able to choose any colour you think would look best and help give your house a vibrant, smart aspect. If you are not sure what colour would work best for your roof, we can come to your help.

High Pressure Cleaning Services Carlingford

At A&A Advanced Roofing, we provide quality high pressure roof cleaning services that will quickly and efficiently help your roof look at its best. We also offer high pressure cleaning services for any residential and commercial pathways, driveways and rough surfaces around your home, office or factory area in Carlingford. Using our high pressure cleaner and hot water, we can just about remove any tough dirt, grease and stains from any exterior surface.